Jews Fight Back After Attacked by Mob of Arabs Outside Old City of Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

The Old City of Jerusalem could be a place of peace – if the Arabs stop attacking Jews. This time though, the Jews defended themselves.

Arabs Attack Jews Outside Old City of Jerusalem

This is not the first time this has happened – that Jews have been attacked outside their holy Old City of Jerusalem. Arabs attack Jews all the time here outside Damascus Gate. But this time, instead of running away, the Jews decided to fight back. The news stations have not really reported on this. And if any mainstream media does report, they will probably twist it on the Jews and claim that Jews attacked peaceful Arabs. In reality, a mob of Arabs attacked Jews – as happens often. These Jews were returning from praying at the Western wall of the Temple Mount. That is by no means a crime.

And is the fact that these ultra-Orthodox Jews fought back and defended themselves a crime? They should be able to protect themselves from violent Arabs!

The world needs to wake up and see that the “Middle East problem” is caused by the Arabs themselves. If the Arabs stopped acting violently and stopped their terrorism, there would be peace in Israel at that very moment. We can only hope and pray to the One Above…

Dr. Risch

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