Jewish Woman Forbidden to Drink Water on Temple Mount

by Avi Abelow

This is What Intolerant Islam Looks Like – Muslim authorities forbid Jews from drinking water on the Temple Mount.

It is so sad to see Israeli policemen enforce this intolerance of the Muslim authorities. Unfortunately, this is what Israel needs to do to maintain peace with Jordan, Muslim intolerance.

This is one of the ways the Islamic authorities prove their superior status to Judaism, by forbidding Jews to drink on the Jewish holy site.

As reported in Israel National News:

“Tamir Baram, project coordinator for the Zionist watchdog group Im Tirtzu was among those prevented from drinking water today, Wednesday, at a water fountain on the Temple Mount – even as Arabs were allowed to take water from the fountain.

“‘We’ve gotten to such an absurd situation on the Temple Mount in which something so elementary as drinking water is being prevented from Jews.

“‘For those who forgot, the Temple Mount is Judaism’s holiest site – and we deserve to be treated there with respect rather than with discrimination.

“‘Im Tirtzu will continue fighting until equal rights are granted to Jews on the Temple Mount and all the holy sites,’ he added.”

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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