Jewish professor harassed at Kingsborough and City University of New York refuses to stop it

by Leah Rosenberg

If a Jewish professor cannot feel safe on campus, what about the students? What are college campuses becoming, and why is CUNY refusing to stop it?

Jewish Professor Michael Goldstein

Jewish Professor Michael Goldstein no longer feels safe teaching at Kingsborough. Can you imagine that this is happening in 2019 in New York? The way he has been threatened is absurd! Why should Jewish students and teachers have to be worried about their safety in a place of learning like this? Why do they have to fear being harassed? If this is not stopped now, what will become of college campuses in just a few years?

City University of New York

City University of New York, or CUNY, should be addressing this and stopping it. It is the public university system of New York! And they are doing nothing about the situation. Other professors at Kingsborough have discriminated against Professor Goldstein as well. And the school and CUNY are not doing anything to protect him. They are ignoring blatant antisemitism. They are failing. And they are allowing hate on college campuses. These institutions are encouraging the next generation to be racist. If they are not stopped soon, what will be the future of college campuses in America?

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