Jewish Businessman Rescuing Yazidi and Christian Sex Slaves from ISIS

by Phil Schneider

The #1 human rights issue today is the subjugation of women in the Arab world. There are literally millions of people today who are subjugated every day of their life for one reason – they are women – largely in the Middle East.

Women today are free and liberated in much of the Western world thanks to modernism and the feminist movement. But they are not free in much of the Middle Eastern world. However, things are on the mend. The Yazidi slaves issue is a stark reminder of the fact that we still have some Middle Ages – type behavior that continues in our lives. It’s easy to think that we can’t do anything about this. But that has never been less true as it is today. In today’s day and age, even in countries where women are oppressed, the internet and social media can penetrate the shell that surrounds them.

The key is to get messages out via short videos that talk about life in the Western world – not anti-Muslim videos. We need to show the light and not point out the darkness. They live the darkness, and don’t need any reminders. What they need is a constant drip-drip of the wonderful life that they can have if they only take the big step out of their way of life and into a life of freedom. ISIS has largely been defeated. We can defeat the horrible treatment of women in the Muslim world too.

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