Jenin Launched Rockets At Israel

by Micha Gefen

An arab Jihadist group calling themselves the Al-Ayyash Battalion claimed to have fired two rockets at the Israeli community of Shaked, which is in the proximity of Jenin.

The IDF eventually located the makeshift launchers hours after the claim appeared on a Telegram channel.

In response, Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan called for “a larger military operation that will end in a decision.”

“The operation was a good start, to launch a more comprehensive operation – and bring about a decision, the strange immunity of the Palestinian Authority prevents the wave of terrorism from spreading,” he said, referring to the IDF’s counterterrorism operation in Jenin last week.

“Today it is already clear to everyone that there is no escape. There are no stories and no excuses. The government must order the IDF to immediately launch a larger, broader, more thorough, and in-depth operation in the entire area of ​​[the northern West Bank]. The public in Israel expects the government to make a decision, and a decision is made with a determined and strong military strike.”

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