It’s All About the Facts! (Hilarious)

by Phil Schneider

There is probably no video that defines the world’s attitude towards Israel today better than this gem from Latma. When CNN, BBC, and so many other outlets habitually throw out anti-Israel arguments based on lies, it is truly difficult to combat. After all, they claim, if all of the world claims you are violating international law with every move you make, then you must be doing something wrong. Right? Wrong.   

The lies amass one on top of the other. That is why Israel is in such an impossible situation. The facts are actually just part of the whole story. The real problem is that the anti-Israel line has nothing to do with rights, facts, humanitarian issues, or anything else that is often spoken about. Those who chant, “From the River to the sea” are plain and simple antisemites who have found that the norms in the world have changed. It is now fashionable, acceptable, and not racist at all to express one’s pure hatred of the Jewish people as long as it goes through the acceptable prism of opposition to Israel’s policies. 

And there are absolutely no red lines involved in terms of what one can say about Israel. A world without red lines is a world that will never be able to choose between right and wrong or good and evil. Young college age students today in the Western world have grown up so confused about so many topics, such as gender and the family unit, rights vs. responsibilities, and the role of America in the world, that it is a natural step for them to look at Israel as somehow being at fault for having been massacred by Hamas. 

The world is in need of an urgent return to normalcy. Laughing about the absurdity of the present makes it easier to handle. 

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