Israel’s fight is America’s fight

by Joseph Frager

Hamas will not hesitate to escalate its war on civilization and democracy.

(JNS) Israel is leading the fight against barbarism, terrorism and evil. Israel is in an existential battle but is also exposing the fault lines and fissures in society today.

The sheer depravity that Hamas unleashed on the world on Oct. 7 should be seen by all as wickedness and criminality. The murder of innocent civilians, the beheading of infants, the sexual violence against women, the kidnapping of the elderly and the public display of support for such actions are beyond the pale.

The fact that 72% of Arabs living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza surveyed from Nov. 22 to Dec. 2 approved of the Hamas massacre is an outrage. The poll had only a 4% margin of error. This means that such perverted and backward thinking is the norm. This is what Israel has to deal with in any of its attempts to make peace. That is why after 30 years since the Oslo Accords, no real peace has been achieved. That is why talk of a two-state solution is rubbish.

The riots and protests that have taken place in the U.S. in support of Hamas are shocking as well. America has declared Hamas a terrorist organization. To have airports blocked, libraries defaced and bridges closed by Hamas supporters is unacceptable and untenable. More violent disruptions are planned at airports as travelers return from the holidays and at Times Square during New Year’s celebrations. Wrist slap arrests are being made, but where are the water cannons and mounted police? New York should lead the way in preventing these illegal mob events. The apathy is inexcusable.

Unless Americans wake up to this horror, Hamas will not hesitate to escalate its war on civilization and democracy. Israel’s fight is America’s fight. It is the world’s fight. Civilization is at a crossroads. Either we stand up now or risk losing everything America represents to the free world.

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