Israeli Spokesman Gave Piers Morgan a Major Reality Check in This Spot-On Interview 

by Phil Schneider

The “terrible humanitarian crisis.” That is the narrative that has been and will be parrotted about the “innocent Palestinians” in Gaza who have been killed by Israel’s Army. Let’s analyze the genuine concern that well-meaning but not-so-clearheaded people have on this matter.

First of all, one thing must be clear before any discussion on this matter is had. All of the suffering is due to the fact that Arabs in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, Southern Lebanon, and some in Israel too – want to kill Jews – en masse. It’s that simple. All of the suffering is due to this. None of the suffering is due to anything else. And for those who guffaw and think otherwise, they must be brought into the multiple Jewish communities and Army bases that were massacred by Arabs on October 14th to see for themselves. No Arab has ever been beheaded by an Israeli. No Israeli soldiers rape Arab women. No elderly Arab women are kidnapped. The only reason non-combatants are caught in the crossfire is because Hamas uses them as human shields.

The entire argument that Arabs who have adopted the name “Palestinians” care about land, and that is the core of the strife in the Middle East, has always been wrong. It has never been about real estate. It never will be about land. It is about Jew-hatred. The 3-4,000 Arabs who raided Israel and killed more than 1,200 men, women, and children were not driven by attachment to Land. One does not behead a Jewish child, rape a woman, or kidnap a grandmother with dementia over a land dispute. One does this out of pathological hatred. That is why nearly everybody in Israel, left-wing and right-wing, now uses the correct terminology of Nazis to describe the Arabs.

The masses of Arabs who lived in Gaza are no more innocent than the wives of German men in WWII who killed hundreds of Jews every day and went home to a loving wife who supported every bullet they shot at Jews. The Arab children are a hopeless mass that have only one chance in this world – the Israel Defense Forces. They have no chance of not growing up to become terrorists like their parents unless they are moved into a different culture. But where?

The answer is that their are at least 4 or 5 different Arab countries that are able to absorb some of the Arabs who should not be in Gaza. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, or Yemen – anyhwere but Israel – is where these poor children belong. Divide them up and perhaps they will find an Arab culture that is less radical and more tolerant of basic values such as life. That is the only serious solution. This must be led by an international body that replaces the corrupt UNRWA that eternalizes Arab hatred of Israel instead of solving it. The body should not be the UN as they have proven to be immoral to the core. But if the United States, France, England and other Western countries genuinely care about the humanitarian issue, let them act with wisdom and stop forcing Israel to implement the same failed policies that led to the debacle of October 7th.

Israel will never listen to advice nor demands that place their women in a place where they will be mass-raped and killed by blood-thristy Jew-hating Arabs. Sorry Piers. That is the real humanitairan issue.

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