Israeli Racing Driver Stunned the World After He Showed What Was On His Helmet

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli racing driver Ariel Elkin is a hero. And not because he was 3rd place in a competition. You have to see this.

Israeli Racing Driver Brings Awareness to Hostages in Gaza

This is one of the most special things Ariel Elkin could do with his talents. Yes, he’s an Israeli racing driver. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t also a person who cares deeply for his brothers and sisters being tortured and held captive in Gaza right now. Ariel Elkin is proud to be part of the Jewish people. He used his win to get the world’s attention. The fact that his helmet is covered with photos of the hostages is extremely powerful. That is where his mind is. And he wants the world to be aware. His trophy is less important to him than what is on his helmet. To raise his helmet instead of his trophy is truly a selfless act. And the world should know that. The hostages have become an afterthought, if even a thought at all, in the minds of so much of the world. It’s extremely sad that world governments and people don’t care.

Each person can do his or her own part to help in this war effort and to help bring the hostages back. Not all of us are on the front lines fighting. But we can all pray to G-d for the safety of the hostages and the success of the IDF. Not all of us are in a position to make the decisions for the government. In fact, most of us are not. But people like Ariel Elkin showed what you can do to get the world to wake up.

Whether you are a politician, a racing driver, or any other person, you indeed can make a difference. Ariel Elkin showed us that.

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