Israeli filmmaker wins Oscar for short film

by Leah Rosenberg

It is very rare to see a film that is about skinheads that is a good film. Well, this Israeli filmmaker seems to have done exactly that. He created an Oscar winning film about a person that was sought out by the FBI. But as he becomes a father, he decides to make some fundamental changes. To make changes is one thing. But to turn one’s life around by one hundred and eighty degrees is quite another thing. And he doesn’t just turn around his life, he corrects a lot of wrongs from his past in the process.

It Really Happened

Perhaps one of the most amazing aspects of this film is that is based on a true story. Bryon Widner is the subject that this film is based on. A major theme of the film is tatoos – specifically facial tatoos. Thus – the name – Skin. This is a story of redemption. The story of a person who completely changed his life around when he seemed way beyond the point of return.

How many people can do a complete 180. That is exasctly what Bryon did. He went from being a leader of the skinheads to their absolute nemesis. And he also expressed his change with a change to his external look – which was NOT a simple process.

It may be hard to empathize or identify with Bryon in his skinhead phase in his life. But we most certainly can learn alot about life from his choices. He serves as a role model for anyone who absolutely has to make a change in their life and thinks that they are so far away that it is impossible to change. Bryon shows that there is no such thing as impossible.

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