Israeli Arabs Riot Throughout (Mostly) Arab Neighborhoods in Jerusalem

by Avi Abelow

Israeli Arabs have been rioting all night, for no reason, in mostly Arab Jerusalem neighborhoods including Ras el amud, Shuafat, Isawia, Jabal mukabr, Beit Chanina, Silwan and Tzur Bacher. They are throwing rocks and firebombs at innocent Jewish Israelis as well as at Israeli police and IDF forces. Five suspects have been arrested so far.

These are Israeli Arabs, who either have the right to vote or refuse to vote in Israeli elections. They are our “peace-loving” cousins, who have all the benefits of living in Israel, without the social responsibility to serve either in the IDF or do civil service, like all other Israelis. Yet, they are ramping up their rioting day by day, together with their brethren in Judea & Samaria who ramping up their terrorist shooting attacks on innocent Israelis and IDF soldiers.

Tonights Night of Terror

In one of the incidents, the vehicle of a Jewish family was hit with rocks in an attempted lynching in the Beit Hanina neighborhood.

The family members said that Arabs blocked the road and pelted the car with rocks without giving them the opportunity to escape.

Before that, Arabs threw Molotov cocktails at a Jewish vehicle near the Mount of Olives.

Miraculously, there were no casualties in both incidents.

Another Jewish Israeli caught in a barrage of rocks from a mob of Arabs that surrounded his car. No news has been reported about the state of the people in the car, but the Arabs then burned the car.

In the following incident, Arabs are throwing molotov cocktails on a van filled with Jewish families returning home after Sukkot celebrations.

These are just a few of the tremendous amounts of Arab rioting taking place tonight across the mostly Arab Jerusalem neighborhoods. Some of these neighborhoods include Jewish neighborhoods, like the City of David neighborhood in Silwan and the Mount of Olives neighborhood in Ras el Amud.

Some people delude themselves into believing that peace is possible if only the Jewish state of Israel would just give up more land, thinking that our conflict is a land conflict. It is times like these that are a critical reminder that our conflict is not a land conflict but a religious conflict with many Arab Muslims, including Israeli Arabs, who are not willing to give up their dream of killing Jews and destroying the Jewish state of Israel, making any and all compromises worthless, and actually adding feul to the fire of desire of our enemies to destroy us.

People have to remember, that some of the most blessed Arab Muslims in the Middle East are those who live in Israel. They have more equality, more freedom, better job opportunites, better economic situation, better health situation etc. than most of their Arab Muslim brethren across the Middle East.

Remember, Israel is the answer to solving the Middle East, not the problem. The problem is the ideology that wants to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. Any solution that ignores these facts will fail. Hence the two-state solution can not solve anything, because it is not solving the problem that needs to be solved!

End the Arab Muslim motivation to destroy the Jewish state of Israel and the conflict will be solved. It is that simple.

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