Israeli Arabs Barbarically Celebrate After Lynching Suspect Released

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli Arabs are given more freedom in Israel than in any other Arab country. And this is how they treat Jews and thank Israel.

Israeli Arabs and the Sick Culture

It is not only Palestinian Arabs. It is not only Arabs in Gaza or in anti-Israel countries. These are Israeli Arabs who have a culture of hate! These are Israeli Arabs who shamefully celebrated the release of a criminal!

One of the main suspects in the Arab Muslim’s lynching a Jew in the Israeli city of Akko during the Gaza war was released the other day. In the Old City of Akko, the Arab Muslims celebrated his release by slaughtering sheep for a celebratory meal in his honor and by distributing sweets throughout the city in his honor. They basically received him as the Arab Muslims in Gaza receive terrorists who have been released.

People who have such hatred cannot be peaceful. They need to rid themselves of this sick culture. Again, these are ISRAELI Arabs. Israel has given these Arabs opportunities. These Arabs can be doctors, lawyers, teachers. They can own restaurants. They can pray where they want. And this is how they repay the Jewish state? By celebrating criminal acts against innocent Jews?

This is just so, so wrong. This is how evil people act. If they don’t want to live in Israel, they can try living in any of the 22 Arab countries. Or Gaza. Let’s see how much freedom they have there.

And of course, NOT all Arabs act like this. Not all Israeli Arabs are terrorists or support terrorism. But the ones who do support terrorism are making a lot of noise about it. And they need to be stopped.

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