Israeli ambassador does something he will never forget

by Leah Rosenberg

Ron Dermer is often considered one of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s closest advisers. Today, he serves Israel as the Ambassador to the United States. It is rather fitting that he was honored with the first pitch at the Washington Nationals game in honor of Israel’s 70th Independence anniversary.

Speech to CUFI

Ron Dermer delivered a truly classic speech to CUFI a few years ago.  He pointed out that Christians are quickly becoming an endangered species in the Middle East today.  The Christian population has shrunk from 20% to 4% in the Middle East.  Militant Islamic forces are destroying ancient Christian sites and terrorizing Christians.  Israel has a completely different track record.  The Christian population in Israel continues to grow from decade to decade.

The best line of Ron Dermer’s CUFI speech was when he said that, “In Washington today, there is no Ambassador of Babylon, there is no Ambassador of the Roman Empire.  There is no Ambassador of the Third Reich.  There is an Ambassador of the State of Israel.”

A Call to Stand with Israel

He calls out to the crowd that they ought to stand tall in order to defend the values that both the United States and Israel hold so dear.   Watch a rendition of his fantastic speech here.

Ron Dermer is an excellent example of all that is proud and strong in the State of Israel.

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