Israel versus Secular Democracy

by Mark Pickles

There is a battle royale unfolding in Israel in 2023. I see the battle lines drawn thus:

  1. Israelis who accept that Jews have a special responsibility to serve God of Israel on their land. These people accept that Jews should, and must, live in Judea and Samaria.
  2. Israelis who want Israel to be fully subscribed to secular democracy, like that of France and Sweden. These people refer to Judea and Samaria as ‘West Bank’, and believe that Palestinian Arabs should be allowed to make Judea Judenrein. They believe that complete Jewish disengagement from these areas would sate Arab irredentists (and their Iranian backers) in Judea and Samaria, and in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, and thereby bring peace to Israel. This is despite the lessons of the Gaza Strip, and despite the fact that the charters and covenants of the main Palestinian regimes (Hamas, Fatah/PA, and Islamic Jihad) call for the genocide of Israel. These Israelis, critical of what they call ‘the Occupation’, seem to not want to see that Israel would be militarily indefensible if she pulled back to the Green Line, as the obsessively anti-Israelist United Nations insists she does.

For the sake of simplicity, and with my apologies for generalising, I will refer to Group 1 above as the Jerusalemites, whose worldview is Biblical, and Group 2 as the Telavivians, whose worldview is secular democracy (like France and Sweden). This is, of course, a crude generalisation, and I know from my several visits to Jaffa – the oldest part of Tel Aviv – that there is much overt and wonderful religious observance of all three Abrahamic faiths in that district.

I mention France and Sweden because France and Sweden are the two most atheistic and secularised nations of Europe, whose underlying philosophy is secular democracy. And, as it happens, France and Sweden are today (with Germany) the most antisemitic nations of Europe. I base this statement on President Macron’s own claim that France – which has more Jews than any other European nation – is presently suffering its worst resurgence of antisemitism since the Second World War and the fact that Malmö and Berlin have recently been trading places as Europe’s capital of antisemitism. As for Germany’s antisemitism, I wrote this blog piece for The Times of Israel. (I have written several pieces for Blogs Times of Israel, only one of which the subeditors rejected, despite the fact that the Times of Israel’s worldview is Telavivian.)

The paradox of the battle royale is that the Telavivians actually lost the democratic vote at the last general election to the Jerusalemites, and they are now on the streets protesting that the Jerusalemites want Israel to be like Israel, and not like France or Sweden. And there is another paradox: the Jerusalemites, democratically elected, know that while democratic consent of the people is important and needed, the goal of Israel is not democracy. The goal of Israel is God of Israel. And God of Israel is the goal that has no goal but Himself.

Israel is the utterly unique nation: the nation through which all nations (including my own nation of England) will be blessed. This is why, though I am neither a Jew nor an Israeli, I fight with the Jerusalemites.

On March 27, I met my friend Rabbi Yishai Fleisher for breakfast in Efrat, Judea, a few days before the Efrat community suffered the murderous jihadist attack on the family of Rabbi Leo Dee, on their way to celebrate Pesach in Tiberius. March 27 was a chaotic day of national strike in Israel, as various anti-religious factions came out to ‘save’ Israel for democracy, secularism, Socialism, and Woke, in other words, to keep Israel like the rest of the decadent West of our times. As I returned to Jerusalem from Efrat, the Telavivians had descended on the city, carrying a mixture of the Israel flag and the ‘Pride’ flag, a misappropriation of the rainbow, being the sign of God’s covenant with Noah and all of Earth. In my view, the Pride flag should be nowhere near the Flag of Zion, but that is Telavivians for you.

Of course, there is nothing new about factions of the People Israel desiring to assimilate with their neighbours and their neighbours’ false gods and ensigns.

Meanwhile, in Tel Aviv, Yuval Noah Harari, advisor to the German megalomaniac Klaus Schwab (son of a Nazi industrialist) was warning that people like Yishai Fleisher, advisor to Itamar Ben Gvir, are comparable to Fascist dictators, who although democratically elected (as Mussolini and Hitler were of course) are now determined to upend democracy for absolute dictatorship. Here is his speech, with his absurd claims that Israel has voted in Fascism, posted on Twitter by Telavivian (and social-media friend) Efrat Fenigson, who is quite popular here in the UK as a result of her battle against Israel’s mandating of Pfizer-BioNTech’s mRNA injectables.

Of course, Efrat and her friends lost the battle, and the political and health institutions of Israel agreed to be ‘Pfizer’s world lab’, thereby, perversely, making the Jewish nation the first nation of the world in 2021 to violate the Nuremberg Code.

Harari, the arch-atheist and putative upholder of democracy, is a full-on gene hacker, who believes that humans are ‘hackable’ animals. He claims that , ‘history will end when men become gods’ and that, ‘man will go beyond God of the Bible’. As for hacking the human genome, and why I personally refused the Covid-19 gene therapy, here is a piece I wrote about Moderna as the gene therapy was first deployed in the UK in early 2021. (I refuse to use the word ‘vaccines’ for the mRNA injectables, just as I refuse to use the words ‘West Bank’ for Judea. As Moderna explained to its own shareholders, their mRNA products are gene therapy, as I wrote in this piece.)

The Telavivian mascot, Yuval Noah Harari, is the Israeli exemplar of Godless scientism and ‘democracy’. He is extremely popular and influential here in the UK. And the World Economic Forum (WEF) of Klaus Schwab is now pervasive in all nations of the West, or as Schwab famously said, we ‘now penetrate the cabinets’ of governments (as a result of the WEF’s ‘young global leader’ program). The WEF’s so-called ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ is now UK Government policy, as you can see on the UKGov website: Regulation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – GOV.UK (  The UK Government tells us (straight from the Harari/Scwhab playbook) that:

“It [the Fourth Industrial Revolution] is characterised by a fusion of technologies – such as artificial intelligence, gene editing and advanced robotics – that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological worlds. It will disrupt nearly every industry in every country, creating new opportunities and challenges for people, places and businesses to which we must respond.”UK Government: ‘Regulation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ (June 2019)

I can think of no ideology more anti-Judaism or anti-Christian. The Body is the Temple.

Events in Israel affect the whole world, and the battles in Israel today seem to be the microcosm of the great ideological battle of our times, or what Augustine of Hippo called the conflict between ‘the City of Man’ and ‘the City of God’ (in his important book, On the City of God Against the Pagans).

Israel is to be the ‘head nation not a tail nation’. Israel is ‘the Apple of His Eye’. If the light unto the nations becomes blind, all nations become blind. We would expect God to ‘hide His face’ and all nations to descend into Harari’s ‘democratic’ Hell. There is nothing more meaningful than fighting for a Godly Israel. Israel must show the world that there is another way.

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