Israel seeks $250b in compensation for Jews expelled from Arab countries

by Leah Rosenberg

These videos give the background as to why and for whom Israel is seeking compensation for. Find out about the million plus Jews who were forced to leave their homes in Arab countries.

Expelled from Arab Countries

These are the refugees that the world ought to talk about. These are the faces of the Jews who were forced to leave their homes.  Nearly all of the Sephardic Jews were not affected by the Holocaust.  However, the indigenous Jewish communities in Arab lands that lived outside of the Land of Israel experienced a massive shift that very few know about.

Jews have been expelled and persecuted countless times over the centuries. Even in recent times. After the establishment of the state of Israel, Arab countries expelled the Jews who lived there. They had to leave everything behind. All of their assets and all of their possessions were gone. These Jews were actual refugees – poor and homeless.  This is unlike what people today still call “Palestinian” refugees.” Up to 1 million Jews lived in Arab lands in 1945.  Today, there are only a few thousand Jews left in these Arab lands.

Israel Seeks Compensation

After decades of injustice, Israel seeks compensation for all of the possessions and assets that Jews lost after the Arab countries forced them to leave. The total reaches over $2 billion dollars from 7 Arab countries and Iran. This number comes after 18 months of research to find out the value of what they lost.

The world focuses on “Palestinian” refugees who are in fact not refugees at all. The real refugees are the ones that the world forgot about – the Jews. And they deserve to be recognized. They deserve compensation.

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