Israel Proves Biden Wrong On Rafah, Again

by Micha Gefen

Once again the Biden administration has been proven wrong about its predictions in Israel’s war against Gazan Jihadists. From the beginning of the war they were predicting tens of thousands of casualties on the Israeli side. Although every soldier’s death is a tragedy, the casualty count is far lower.

The Biden team’s latest blunder was the prediction that it would take weeks to evacuate the “civilian” population of Rafah. The operation in Rafah began on May 4th and has resulted in 950 thousand Gazan “civilians” fleeing to other areas.

So why has the Biden team continued to get it so wrong on Gaza?

Simply put, like anything else in the Middle East, the Biden team just doesn’t get it. They are out of touch with the culture, the people, and the military reality on the ground. This is what makes their lecturing about what they feel is best for Israel so bothersome to so many Israelis.

With the Rafah operation continuing, it is only a matter of time until the IDF finishes off the last remaining Hamas battalions and ultimately find the hostages and Sinwar. Can they do it and beat Biden’s expectations?

Without a doubt.

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