Israel Tightens Its Grip On Corona

by Micha Gefen

As coronavirus aka COVID-19 cases rise in Israel passing 705, the Israeli government has taken new measures to ensure Israelis are following the government instructions.

In the latest press conference the Prime Minister insisted, Israel will be going into lockdown for the next 7 days, “this isn’t a suggestion it’s a command”, you can go to supermarket and pharmacy and doctor, the regulations will be enforced

“To make things clearer, basically the police are enforcing the Health Ministries guidelines and no one should be leaving their house except for very specific reasons outlined in the document I posted yesterday.”

Most controversially, Israel has adopted South Korea’s methodology of using mobile phone data to track those in isolation to make sure they are staying put or in order to warn others if they are near someone with corona.

Police have now closed weddings and other gathering as well as arresting those who break isolation orders. Only those in food, medical, or other essential industries are allowed out.

Israel has ordered all leisure and recreation sites to be closed. This includes schools, universities and kindergartens. Many places of work have now instructed employees to work from home when possible. Israel has also sealed its borders to all foreigners.

Public transportation was set to further reduce services in the coming days. Starting Monday, intracity bus lines across Israel will only run twice an hour, while bus companies will decide whether intercity lines will operate twice or three times an hour. Passenger train services will be reduced by 50 percent.


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