Is Israel Going To Elections Again?

by Phil Schneider

This coming fall, Israel will almost definitely be going to elections. Who will be the frontrunner? Benjamin Netanyahu will probably be the frontrunner to put together a coalition. But that was also the case in the previous elections, where Netanyahu ended up as the leader of the opposition.

What will the main subjects be in the upcoming elections? The economic realities in Israel are not an issue in Israel like they are in the United States. However, gas prices in Israel have also risen by nearly 20% and housing shortages in Israel continue to be a major difficulty for many young couples.

So what will be the main issues driving people in the upcoming elections? It is not very clear. The coronavirus pandemic is much less of an issue than in previous elections. But security has always and always will be a main issue in Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu is the #1 politician that people feel comfortable with on the issue of security. Ex-Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has already announced that he will not be running in the upcoming election.

It will be interesting to see what other issues will evolve into the leading issues of the upcoming elections.

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