Is Biblical Prophecy Unfolding Right In Front Of Our Eyes?

by Phil Schneider

The Bible is filled with prophecy.  Some of the prophecies are focused on the end of days.


The produced a short video masterpiece.  It says in Isaiah 11, “..For the knowledge of God will cover the earth as the water covers the sea.”  What are the hidden ideas behind this verse?  What are the hidden ideas behind the amazing technological advances in our day and age.

The explains that “We tend to see our technological world as being superficial.  Many “friends” on Facebook are only virtual. Things that are spread online often present a one-sided or distorted view of reality.”  For example, a snapchat photo or whatsapp message is not necessarily an effective method to spread facts.

We see so many things every day and hear so many ideas.  Many of these ideas are distorted and are used to influence our world outlook.  But they go on to explain that at the same time, “there is a deeper, concealed reason for the widespread surge of technological media we are experiencing today.”  We live in an age where knowledge is limitless.  We can access almost anything, anytime, anywhere. Everything is interconnected.

More than meets the eye

“Just as the sea is deep and conceals a world that cannot be seen, so our technological world merely cloaks the deeper truths of our existence.”  The prophets spoke about peace.  They spoke about information spreading over the entire planet.  Perhaps the prophecy of Isaiah is indeed attainable today.  The new war is indeed the war of ideas.  Jeremy Gimpel hit it on the nose.

The most important job of the State of Israel is to radiate ideals of good vs. evil.  To spread loving-kindness and altruism and ward off evil.  The State of Israel is a national experiment of Biblical proportions.  The goal – spread God’s word to the entire world.  Due to technological advances, this is not just a dream, but an attainable reality.

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