Iranians Turn Their Anger Against Their Leaders

by Micha Gefen

In a stunning turn of events, people across Iran are beginning to turn their anger against their leaders.

While many of the Democrats in Washington questioned President Donald Trump’s elimination of arch terrorist Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian people are now pushing back.

While the regime is still in tact now, the difference between the Green Revolution that took place during Obama’s years is that this uprising and protest has the backing and support of the Trump administration.

Former Iranian crown prince says Tehran regime on the brink of collapse

Reza Pahlavi, the former Iranian crown prince estimated that the Islamic Republic regime could be months away from collapse, but explained that this is dependent on Western democracies providing aid in achieving that goal.

At an event hosted by the Hudson Institute, a Washington-based think tank, the son of Iran’s late Shah said on Wednesday that the present atmosphere in his home country reminds him of the days before his father was overthrown in 1978.

“People smell the opportunity for the first time in 40 years,” he said as cited by The Jerusalem Post.

“This time is very different from 2009, even very different from 1997. The people have had it. Today’s generation of young Iranians cannot take it anymore. They want to have an opportunity for a better future. They want to be on the path of modernity and freedom. The only thing that stands between them and the free world is this regime.”

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