Iranian spokesman’s speech about America – try watching with a straight face!

by Leah Rosenberg

An Iranian spokesman made a speech that would almost seem comical. It is so absurd and ridiculous that it makes you wonder how he could say it seriously.

Who is This Iranian Spokesman?

This is the IRGC General Abolfazl Shekarchi. He is the spokesman of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces. The IRGC stands for The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The United States has designated the IRGC as a terror group – because that is exactly what they are!

Now that you know a little background, watching this speech might be even more humorous.

IRGC General Shekarchi’s Speech

Some leaders give encouraging speeches. Speeches about life, love, and peace. Speeches about a better future.

But not Iran. The IRGC General’s speech was so twisted that it could actually be funny. The way he calls America the mother of all terrorism is crazy! Shekarchi even claims that it is “laughable” that the U.S. “presents itself as a champion of human rights.” But what about Iran? What do they present themselves as? The way he describes America is really depicting Iran perfectly. Everything he says should just be switched to his own people and country. It makes you wonder how anyone could have chosen to make a deal with a terrorist regime. It makes you question our own past leaders. How can anyone be fooled by these terrorists?

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