Iran tests ballistic missiles program as Biden admin wants to rejoin Nuclear Deal

by Avi Abelow

The Nuclear Deal that Obama entered with Iran was disastrous. And the Biden administration wants to make the same mistake!

No to the Nuclear Deal

After the Obama administration so foolishly made a Nuclear Deal with Iran, Trump pulled out of it and reinstated sanctions.

The head of the IDF said Israel will take military action if the terrible deal is revived. The Nuclear Deal puts Israel in danger. Not only Israel, actually, but Iran is a threat to the entire Middle East and to the entire world. It is mind-boggling that the Biden admin cannot wake up to that reality.

There are those from the Democratic and the Republican party who oppose rejoining the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal. They still want to keep the pressure of sanctions on Iran until Iran addresses those things that are objectionable to the US, Israel, and Sunni Arab neighbors.

Part of that includes Iran’s ballistic missiles – which it clearly doesn’t care to stop testing. Additionally, Iran’s involvement in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq must be dealt with as well.

Iran is clear about the way they feel toward the US and Israel. With chants of “Death to America, death to Israel,” how can you trust them?

The answer is: You can’t.

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