Investigate the Danger

by Etana Hecht

“Safety is our Passion”. That’s the slogan of the FAA, the institution that was created to ensure that aviation safety in the United States is the best in the world, and to create standards that other nations follow. What’s transpired in the last almost 3 years demonstrates that they no longer deserve to use that as their slogan.

Attorney Todd Callender put together a special event yesterday. In conjunction with the US Freedom Flyers, led by Josh Yoder, they invited everyone to join a Zoom call in which numerous whistleblowers, pilots, and aviation specialists spoke about their grave concerns regarding the Covid-19 vaccination program and the risk it poses to aviation and public safety. They introduced for the first time publicly a senior-level FAA whistleblower.

Senior Aviation Inspector McGray is a Safety Inspector at the FAA, and today is the day he’s speaking out publicly and becoming an official whistleblower, protected by the 1989 Whistleblower Protection Act, and the 2012 Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act. He has over 50 years of military, commercial aviation, and FAA experience, and he’s putting out a call to other high-ranking officials to step forward and speak out. The FAA is not going to make the necessary moves in order to return to its original mission of public safety. That will only happen when citizens and officials in their own ranks force the agency to confront its ongoing mistakes.

Early Warning Signs

On July 23, 2022, a sworn declaration was signed by the whistleblower that comprehensively listed and cited sources for dozens of serious concerns he has regarding the Covid-19 vaccines, the mandate, the outcomes that are appearing in real-time, and the tremendous impact it will have on the aviation industry. The declaration begins by detailing the concern he had as early as January 2020 when he noticed that China shut down domestic flights from Wuhan to other parts of China, but continued to keep international travel operational. He also noted that Mongolia seemed to have understood that there was a threat emerging, and they shut down all international travel. As a result, they had zero recorded Covid cases until Feb 2021, when the Covid vaccine was introduced into their population.

The Propaganda Machine

The declaration continues on to note that as soon as President Trump closed the border to Chinese travel, a wellspring of opposition rose up from the media and other politicians. Poor government decisions alongside an increasingly untrustworthy legacy media were both indicators of the failure of their flight safety policies and procedures. Specifically mentioned is the widespread confusion and hysteria over masks that pervaded government, media, airlines, hospitals, schools, and doctor’s offices, and how senseless it all seemed to him at the time.

At one point, the FAA made a huge blunder by putting out an obviously false statement. When almost all of the air traffic controllers in Jacksonville walked out on the job in protest of the vaccine mandates on Oct 3, 2021, the FAA falsely claimed to the public that the major disruptions in air travel were due to the weather. This was an open lie to anyone with a weather app on their phone.

Early Treatment

In March 2020, the whistleblower learned that a few years before Covid hit, the US military had proven that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were highly effective against Corona infections. Simultaneously, multiple doctors in the US and abroad had discovered the same and were seeing success in using these easily accessible and cheap medications as early treatment for Covid. He pointed out that back in 2005, Dr. Fauci’s own NIH published a peer-reviewed scientific study that found HCQ an efficacious therapy for a variety of Coronaviruses.

The doctors who had done their own research were quite literally practicing medicine by effectively treating their patients with approved drugs. In contrast, the public advice of the CDC, FDA, NIH, and NIAID was to stay home and take Tylenol until hospitalization.

The actions of the governments – local, state, and federal – were alarming. New York is noted as an example where thousands of hospital beds sent by the White House lay empty, while the state shipped the infected elderly into nursing homes.


Despite a range of aviation professionals raising safety concerns to the FAA, they took no official position regarding the treatment of Covid, as late as Dec 2021. Instead of advising their pilots and flight crews on how to manage Covid symptoms and treat the virus, they kept quiet until it was time to roll out the EUA Covid-19 shots. Right off the bat that was a red alarm. According to the FAA’s own regulation guidelines, no pilot may take a drug until it’s been one year since full FDA approval. If they do, they don’t get medical approval to fly. Despite this rule, the government issued a blanket waiver for the Covid-19 shots without any documentary evidence and scientific studies.

Listed below are the concerns raised and some references cited in the declaration about the experimental Covid-19 vaccines:

  • On Feb 1, 2022, Senator Ron Johnson sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Austin to warn him about the dangers of the shot. The letter was the culmination of an hours-long round table discussion that Senator Johnson held with physicians, military experts, attorneys, scientists, and vaccine-injured victims.
  • Leigh Dundas sent a letter to the Dept of Transportation, the FAA, the Dept of Justice, AIG, five of the major 121 air carriers, and other key industry groups, with information presented to her by US Freedom Flyers. It was written by her as well as a group of highly qualified doctors, lawyers, and other experts, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
  • Medical personnel at the Dept of Defense were concerned about a DMED (Defense Medical Epidemiology Database) report that showed evidence of an unprecedented, sharp rise in medical diagnoses in the first 10 months of 2021, in direct correlation with the mandatory vaccine rollout in the military. From 2016-2020, DMED shows a stable rate of medical diagnoses, numbering at 2.1-2.2 million per year. In the first 10 months of October 2021, there were a shocking 22 million diagnoses.
  • In the FDA’s own internal audit presentation all the way back in October 2020, before the EUA was granted, there was a list of 22 serious adverse events that they antipicated could occur from the shots:

The CDC’s own VAERS showed over 152,000 hospitalizations and 27,532 deaths reported as adverse events from the vaccine, as well as very high numbers of all sorts of injuries. Harvard conducted a study in 2007-2010 that estimated the under-reporting factor for VAERS to be one hundredfold, which means we can multiply the above numbers by 100 for a more accurate picture of rates of adverse events.

  • In 2009, a swine flu vaccine was pulled from the shelves after reports of 54 deaths total. By April 2022, there were 101 reports of deaths in children aged 5-17, yet there’s nothing but silence from the 3 letter agencies.
  • Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz compiled a report on the sudden deaths of FIFA world-class soccer players. What used to be an extremely rare occurrence has exploded into a not uncommon phenomenon since the vaccine rollout.
  • The CDC pulled a “bait and switch” regarding the approvals vs. EUA of the vaccine. The ones that were injected into arms were experimental and with the confusion over the vaccines overall, there was certainly no informed consent.
  • An Army physician named Dr. Sam Sigoloff published a report on three poisonous ingredients in the Covid-19 shots, labeled internally by the FBI as “Not To Be Used in Human Consumption”.
  • Agriculture pilot Cody Flint suffered Covid vaccine injuries so severe that he’ll likely never get cleared to fly again. They’ve been medically proven to be damages related to the vaccine, and his story is available for viewing.
  • Military Whistleblowers
    • LTC. Dr. Peter Chambers, MC, VS, SF signed the declaration and warning in Senator Johnson’s letter to Secretary Austin stating that there is no efficacy in the shots, and they’re extremely dangerous to human life and health.
    • Dr. Theresal Long signed an affidavit in support of “Motion for a Preliminary Injunction” that was filed in the US District Court of Colorado against the Sec of Defense, the Sec of HHS, and the acting commissioner of the FDA. Her affidavit includes evidence of alarming injuries to pilots from the shots:

Call to Action

The whistleblower isn’t just noting a problem and complaining. He followed up his concerns with a clear plan for moving forward and entering into a “Medical Emergency Action Period – MEAP”. That would entail:

  1. “Investigate the Danger”: As Lt. Col Peter Chambers mentioned on Zoom, the risks must be identified. Screen all vaccinated pilots, mechanics, ground crews, and support personnel, including Air Traffic Controllers. Due to the overwhelming evidence that points to a disastrous outcome from the mass vaccination program, there is a clear and present risk to the entire aviation industry and the flying public. Flight surgeons and other medical and aviation experts mentioned in this letter feel it is their duty to act on this risk before a catastrophe occurs, and recommend a simple screening of flight staff to find those who have an elevated risk of cardiac complications.
  2. Treat the issues: Figure out ways to heal injured pilots and back into the cockpit.
  3. Appropriate Oversight: Senator Johnson and his team have been aware of this risk for more than a year. He’s the natural choice for overseeing a proper path forward.
  4. Mitigate Risk: Ensure that in all aviation situations of a critical nature there’s one unvaccinated pilot present.

The FAA whistleblower is a hero and a warrior in this global battle. He stands alongside other giants who are, simply put, raising an army of people who have honesty, integrity, patriotism, courage, and sheer determination to continue pushing forward to guard our freedoms. The declaration ends with the following section, and it’s one that every single official at the captured 3 letter agencies should take extremely seriously.

Originally published on Etana’s substack.

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