Imam Of Peace Stands Against Keeping Silence Against Violence

by Phil Schneider

Free speech is a precious thing. It allows us to protest – whether we are right or wrong. This should not be taken for granted. The Imam of Peace understands this well. We need to learn from him and stand up and speak!

We will be called fear-mongers. We will be called demagogues. That’s all fine. That is OK, and is all part of the game of free speech. But as long as our mouths are not shut, we should not protest. We should be thankful and allow the arguments to continue. But we must understand that the greatest threat to our way of life is the mixture of unbridled immigration and the loss of free speech. If we don’t want to wake up one day to a situation where the United States resembles something like Sweden or another European country with a minority that gradually becomes more and more powerful until they take over the country democratically, then we better wake up.

There are Imams who stand up and speak out. Let us spread their message.

Caroline Glick on Settlements

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