Illegal Arab Construction on Archeological Dig in Jerusalem’s Northern Jewish Quarter

by Micha Gefen

Illegal Arab construction has been a continuous problem across the Land of Israel. However, most of the building is deep within Arab neighborhoods. Daniel Luria, Executive Director of Ateret Cohanim shows how one blatant violator is attempting to cover up an archeological dig in Jerusalem’s Northern Jewish Quarter.

The Northern Jewish Quarter dig has been an on and off again project that has already uncovered artifacts from the Second Temple Area. It is also the site of the location where the Crusaders broke through into Jerusalem. There are in fact historians that believe this was the site of the Jewish Quarter at that time.

“Whose in charge? Who does what? Where are the inspectors. How is it possible I ask myself and I ask anyone watching this that some Arabs can come along and just build on Jewish Land in the middle of the Old City?”

The area in question has been set aside for continued archeological digging and eventually 21 new apartments, reestablishing the ancient Jewish community that was once here.

The illegal building in question nearly doubled one house and attempted to cover up the dig.

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