Ilhan Omar got Completely Owned by a Jewish Zionist after CNN Interview

by Phil Schneider

Ilhan Omar does not recognize that she is an anti-Semitic Congresswoman. She believes that Jewish people need to be reeducated in order to make sure that they know about all of the injustices that Jewish people do to others in the State of Israel. So let’s take a look at some of the aspects of justice in the State of Israel.

The Supreme Court is the highest court of law in the State of Israel. Not only do Arab citizens have excellent representation via Jewish and Arab lawyers in the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court itself has Arab members. Moreover, less than a decade ago, an Arab Supreme Court justice sent a Jewish President of the State of Israel to prison for alleged crimes. Is this not a proof that Israel is a State that is filled with justice?

Secondly, the State of Israel just appointed a Corona czar – the 3rd since the beginning of the pandemic. This time, they chose a former Director General of a Hospital in Safed, and a former high ranking Army official in the Medical Corps. He is not Jewish, but a Druze man. There have also been Generals in the Israeli Army who are non-Jewish Arabs. Do Arabs indeed not have equality in the State of Israel? In which other Middle Eastern countries do minorities have such rights? The answer is that nowhere else is as free and advanced – as far as open-mindedness as the State of Israel.

But the Ilhan Omars of the world are not bothered by facts. They are all caught up in anti-Israel narratives and focus exclusively on bringing down anything that advances the State of Israel. Ilhan Omar is not just an ant-semite and anti-Israel. She is against the basic ideas of freedom that the United States was founded on. She only has the freedom to espouse her views due to the freedoms that so many fought over in the United States.

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