Hundreds of strangers come to funeral of a hero Holocaust survivor in Toronto

by Phil Schneider

Rabbi Zale Newman met an elderly Holocaust survivor who survived the Holocaust in Hungary when a Christian family took him in. This small, lonely man in the end was not alone at his funeral, but escorted by hundreds of people who turned up at his funeral.

Holocaust Survivors

There are hundreds of thousands of people who survived the Holocaust. Some experienced hardships for a few months, but most went through years of horrible existence. They not only went through so much during the War, they were often tormented for decades afterwards too. It is possible that there was no generation that suffered more than the Jews in Europe during World War II.

Most of those that are alive today are in their 80’s or 90’s. Most of them rebuilt after their war and built up families. Their memories of that stage in their life are absolutely critical for their families and for all of mankind. These people are gems. Their very existence serves as a daily reminder to the perseverance of mankind over the greatest evils of the world. To the fact that the Jewish people are eternal.

May we continue to enjoy the life of Holocaust survivors for many more decades.


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