Humanity is Under Threat like Never Before

by Brucha Weisberger


Dear Everyone in the World,

If you are reading this, it’s because you are a human being, and G-d created you, among all His other creations.

If He made you, it’s because He wants you here at this time for a reason. You have an important role to play.

Humanity is under threat. We need you to understand this and join the side of those who are working to educate others.

We have become very divided, black and white, Republican and democrat, pro-vax and anti-vax, and so on, but it isn’t really our fault. It’s the enemies of humanity who have done this to us, for evil reasons.

They call some of us anti-vaxxers or conspiracy theorists – terms meant to cause hate and to shut down any possible dialogue and critical evaluation of facts.

Strangely, much of humanity would actually fall into the dictionary definition of an anti vaxxer, because it is defined as anyone who so much as questions ANY vaccine, or even just any vaccine mandate, even if they accept all the others.

But this plea is not about the covid vaccines, really. It’s about EVERYTHING. So if you’re someone who thinks the covid vaccines are wonderful, please keep reading anyway, because I really want to talk to you much more about other things. I’m going to make some shocking statements, but they’re backed up by sources (see how to view source list at the end.) Please don’t discard my statements out of hand. Explore the sources.

I’m turning to you because there’s something very, very disturbing going on.

There are people, somewhere way high up in the power scheme, who want to destroy the very foundations of the world.

They want to change everything about how we live.

They want to tear down the traditional family.

They want boys to identify as girls and take puberty blockers and mutilate their bodies, so they’ll never be able to have children. And same for girls, vice versa.

The BMGF, Soros, and Rockefeller Foundations would love nothing more than to see everyone in the world turn “trans”.

Do you know that 30 percent of seventh grade girls now are convinced that they’re “transgender”? The monsters who do the surgeries will gladly ruin these kids’ lives for them, and once they wake up it will be too late.

This would have been considered the worst child abuse not long ago, fueled public outrage, and landed the perpetrators in jail for many years.

And now, somehow, those promoting this evil have silenced most opposition. Because they control the media and government.

They’re doing way, way more than getting a horrifyingly increasing number kids to “transition.”

These people don’t like religion, family, or anything about how G-d set up His creation.

They don’t want people married.

They don’t want people connected to G-d.

They don’t want us having kids.

They just hate Him and think they can take His place and make better creations and do a better job running the world.

Their hubris and hunger for power make them a menace to humanity.

Especially, as they decided that there are simply too many people in the world, and they’ve got to get that number down to “something the planet can sustain.” They don’t have any ethical problems killing off the elderly or disabled – or even the not-so-elderly or disabled – to accomplish this.

These people are in positions of great power around the world, in politics, in tech, in media, in most any industry, including pharmaceuticals.

They are turning the world into a digitalized police state. They’re also censoring and manipulating so well that many don’t realize what’s happening.

Do you know that currently in China, people need to have digital IDs by which the government monitors the citizens – and therefore controls their behavior – by means of their social credit score and face recognition technology?

For example, if you go to gatherings or say things the government doesn’t like, your social credit score drops, and you can’t get on the train to get home from work. (This was personally related to us last November by a Chinese woman who had recently visited her country.) The face recognition technology knows who you are. Big Brother is watching, always.

According to accounts I’ve read, people also have to take a covid test every day, no matter what, rain or shine. If someone misses a day, their digital ID will turn from green to red, and they aren’t allowed to go to work, may be locked out of their apartment building, and may be arrested.

The government even used the system to steal money from many people. When they tried approaching the bank to make an ATM withdrawal, their digital IDs turned red, and they were turned away. They had already been locked out of their accounts for months at the time I read the story.

If you think it’s limited to China and people here would never allow this intrusion on their privacy and freedom, it isn’t so.

Good Morning America just featured a story about a “chips and salsa party” – an American company who is about to host an event at which they’ll implant microchips into the hands of their employees “for convenience”. All on a voluntary basis, of course. That’s how it starts off.

Introducing electronics into our bodies is being normalized. Do you find this disturbing?

Are you aware that the World Economic Forum has much bigger plans in this arena, for something called transhumanism, a hybrid of person and technology, which they think will be a great improvement over G-d’s creation?

The top advisor to the head of the WEF openly states that we will lose our privacy and free will, that they will know all our thoughts, that we will constantly be monitored with an electronic sensor under our skin.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s a fact which you can see on their YouTube videos.

If you still aren’t sure, please see Biden’s speech yesterday, in which he issued a massive new executive order that addresses perhaps every agency in the U.S. government, titled “Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy.”

As an aside, why are these new regulations are in the form of an Executive Order? It’s because in this manner, Biden bypassed the legislative branch – the Senate and the House of Representatives – where the issues would be debated, and where the voices of the people could be heard.

The executive order sets as a policy goal of the Biden Administration the massive increase of investment in bioengineering and manufacturing, because the “COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the vital role of biotechnology and biomanufacturing in developing and producing life-saving diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines that protect Americans and the world.”

Biden says, in other words, that the government has a CRITICAL NEED; a need to re-program people like robots. Here’s exactly what his Executive Order states:

We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers[.]

“To be able to write circuitry for cells.” Do they think they are G-d?!?! Apparently they do.

“Predictably program biology.” Who is the biology? You and I!

Biden thinks he’s going to rewrite our circuitry, to make us predictable, like a computer program.

But it’s not even him, really. I think we all know he couldn’t have come up with this speech or these ideas. He’s a puppet in the hands of others. Others who have planned world control for a long time.

Digitizing humanity – creating brain-technology interfaces and having our minds all wired into the internet – is a major goal of the elites, and they are in the process of normalizing it now. They also call it “human augmentation.”

If you still have trouble believing it, you can research with the key words “Cyborg”, “DoD”, “human augmentation”, and “Human/Machine Enhancement”. Try the DARPA website.

The power of these elites appears immense. The World Economic Forum has been training leaders for many years, and their graduates are installed in key government positions worldwide. The WEF are the world’s most wealthy and powerful people, who have control of the narrative by means of controlling media and politics, and accomplish whatever they want to.

In reality, however, there are relatively very few people running this at the top, and the vast majority of humanity does not agree with their goals. Most people have simply been conditioned to follow. If only we would all join forces against those who wish to harm us, their game would be over.

What the WEF and their partners at the WHO plan is a One-World socialist government, with themselves in charge.

By the way, they don’t believe in private property ownership, and they don’t want us driving our vehicles anymore. That’ll be phased out. Bad for the environment, you know.

They’ve gotten very far down the path towards their goals already, much farther than you probably realize. Everything you see happening around you, such as rising gasoline and food prices, are things they’ve manipulated towards their aims.

They’ve paid billions of dollars to buy our opinions, in many different ways. They control the media and social media, so they control the ads, and the content that’s “allowed” in articles and in social media posts.

And doctors, scientists, and other professionals know they’ll get in trouble quickly if they voice the “wrong” opinions – whether on transgender, on climate change, or on covid.

During covid, the government partnered with trusted community health organizations, like your local clinics, giving them large grants (in the millions) to promote the government viewpoint. “Trusted Voices” was a major component of their plan. So if you thought your doctor or trusted community leader was giving you their own opinion, that’s probably not so. Their own view was almost certainly shaped, directly or indirectly, by paid government propaganda – more than likely, even without their knowledge.

Those running this program even employ the “fact-checkers” that you turn to when you want to check who’s telling the truth.

They have the mainstream media as their mouthpiece.

That’s why google won’t be the greatest place for you to research the truth. Google is their baby, with algorithms programmed so you find what they want you to find and see only what they desire you to see.

How did we get into this situation, where humanity teeters on a precipice?

It started with influential people starting popular movements promoting the forsaking of our Creator in the name of “progress” and enlightenment – for their own evil designs.

It continued with those who promoted other ideas which served to further erode the fabric of society, ideas which had been completely socially unacceptable until that point. This was all planned out.

The destruction gained a foothold when people had a willingness to bend the truth to appear politically correct or to not make waves or lose money or friends. This lack of backbone was a terrible mistake.

Look how it has spiraled out of control in society, to the point where truth is no longer even a respected value to many.

Can you start seeing that there is something very wrong?

What mess will we be leaving the next generation with?

They aren’t finished. They have a lot more in the works that they’re planning to “normalize” soon, things that would terrify you.

(Did you notice that the New York Times recently ran an article about cannibalism “having a time and place”?)

Do you realize now that all of us need to act before it’s too late, before too many of humanity’s children are brainwashed and mutilated and drugged into near-extinction?

Can you possibly realize that we’d all be better off on the same side, defending humanity against some very evil, sick people who really want to hurt us?

They may have poisoned you against critical thinking, but we NEED you.

These are issues that impact and should concern people of every color and stripe, every income sector, every belief, everywhere – whether you realize it already, or not.

Let me give you some examples, because I believe you would be able to help, if you just knew what was going on.

•In California, bills were just passed which would:

Punish doctors from voicing opinions contrary to the CDC narrative (AB2098.)

-Allow courts to take custody of children whose parents do not affirm gender reassignment healthcare (SB107.)

Prohibit parents from seeing their own minor children’s medical records when related to certain services (SB1479)

Change California medical privacy laws to allow healthcare providers to give medical information to school linked services coordinator (SB1184)

-Create school-based health centers on campus, including primary care, reproductive, immunizations, and mental health care. (AB1940)

Do you see how these laws would destroy the parent-child relationship (as is their goal), and pave the way for further indoctrination of children towards transgender – and more?

Imagine the following completely realistic scenarios under these new laws:

•Minor child is taught sex ed against parents’ wishes, becomes pregnant, has abortion at school without parents’ knowledge. Parents have no opportunity to offer emotional support or to intervene, because child has been conditioned to be wary of parental views and does not share what happened in her life with her parents. Child subsequently descends into depression and suicidal thoughts because of resulting confused feelings and alienation from parents.

•Minor child is taught sex ed, decides he is transgender, and gets puberty blockers at school clinic without parents’ knowledge. Parents aren’t allowed to view his medical records. Parents find out anyway, and become furious. Court then removes child from parents’ custody.

•Minor child receives a covid vaccine at school, without parents’ knowledge or approval. Child develops myocarditis and is found unresponsive but parent has no idea what to tell medical personnel because they never knew child got the shot.

•In New York City, despite most people realizing by this point that the vaccines aren’t working as promised and have harmed many, despite covid being treatable, and largely over – still, covid vaccines are required for EVERY EMPLOYEE OR BUSINESS OWNER IN THE CITY. Therefore, many people are out of a job and struggling desperately – and many critical fields, such a healthcare, education, and the fire department, are short staffed.

•In New York State, the religious Jewish community, an exemplary community with almost zero homicide and zero violent crime, almost zero homelessness, with a vast majority of kids growing up in households headed by two married parents, a community with exemplary community services, the safest neighborhoods in their respective cities, and great respect for law enforcement officials – was just smeared with a vicious hatchet job in the New York Times. It was a thinly veiled hate piece on religion, and a prelude to having the government take control of what is taught in private religious schools – a coordinated effort with the State, who voted unanimously the next day for government oversight of curriculum in private religious schools. All under the guise of saving the children, of course.

•That decision by the New York State Department of Education this week was one of the worst and most dangerous pieces of legislation ever passed. The Education Law is unprecedented in affecting religious autonomy in the United States.

Of course, that was the whole point.

•In Canada, more and more people are being euthanized (killed by physicians) under a recent law permitting it. The government unabashedly commissioned a report which states that lots of money will be saved by killing people earlier than their disease would kill them. Now people are also getting killed who aren’t really sick, but just too poor. New Jersey is currently enacting a similar physician-assisted suicide law, and almost nobody knows or cares enough to fight it.

•In Britain, people are being arrested simply for voicing disapproval of the new “king”, who is a passionate member of the WEF and launched the Great Reset – which is set to put many businesses into extinction and families into poverty and despair.

•In Europe, farmers are being made to kill their herds “to save the environment”, as the animals’ burps are claimed to be bad for the planet. Try thinking about how little sense that makes.

What is actually behind this? See this Corbett Report from 2009, which could be from today, it’s still so current:

The terrible injustice of our age has its roots in a most unlikely place: in the quaint villages and manicured gardens of the 19th century British gentry. Amongst that set lived one Francis Galton, a gentleman scientist who had investigated everything from meterorology to statistics. Shortly after his cousin, Charles Darwin, published his Origin of Species, Galton became fascinated with the idea that the “survival of the fittest” did not just take place between species, but within them. This idea became a pseudo-science, a study of the presumed racial characteristics of this group or that group with an aim to explaining why the various peoples of the world occupy the positions they do.

In order to confirm their pre-conceived notions of their own self-worth, Galton and his friends started a new field of inquiry called eugenics. Unsurprisingly, it concluded that the rich and powerful were rich and powerful because they were genetically superior, and it offered a simple solution for improving the lot of humanity: make sure that the affluent upper classes breed as much as possible (preferably within their own families, in order to preserve their superior stock), and make sure the lower classes breed as little as possible.

This junk science, pandering as it did to the most rabid, the most racist, the most elitist interests of the moneyed class, became universally accepted in the Western world within a generation. Soon, country after country had implemented laws to allow the government to sterilize those citizens it deemed to be “unfit.”

The true horrors of this strain of thought came to light when the German eugenicists, based at the Rockefeller-funded Kaiser Wilhelm Institute , gave the Nazi regime an ideological excuse to take the idea to its logical conclusion.

After World War II, when the full magnitude of the slaughter that had taken place in the name of eugenics began to become apparent, the eugenicist pseudoscientists scrambled to find a way to re-legitimize their racist and classist drivel. They wrote openly in the journals of their once-esteemed eugenics societies that they would now have to continue their studies and practices in a more covert fashion. Eugenics had to become crypto-eugenics.

This was accomplished in a number of ways. The British Eugenics Society, for one, merely changed its name to The Galton Institute. The American Eugenics Society morphed into the Population Council, a group set up by John D. Rockefeller III, where members continued to advocate the same policies for reducing the population of third world countries as they always had, only now they did so in the name of fighting “overpopulation” rather than fighting “bad genes.”

Julian Huxley, brother of the famous writer, helped organize UNESCO in 1945. In the founding document of UNESCO entitled UNESCO: its philosophy and its purpose, he argues that one of the key aims of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization would be the re-legitimization of eugenics so the idea would once again become thinkable. He also went on to co-found the World Wildlife Fund with Nazi SS officer Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

Within a generation, science was once again ready to tell us why the only way to save humanity was to stop people from breeding: this time, the public was whipped into a furor not about Jews and Gypsies, but about carbon dioxide and environmental sustainability. The cover had changed, but the racist eugenicist text remained the same.

In the logic of the eugenicists, the meaning of human life is itself transformed. Instead of something valuable, something precious, something to be desired and nurtured, fought for and celebrated, humanity is re-imagined as a cancer, something inherently evil, the mere existence of which is a burden on the world. This, unsurprisingly, encapsulates the modern environmental movement’s position almost perfectly: human life is no longer something to be treasured, but something to be measured in carbon and then reduced.

In the manmade global warming myth, humans are merely an obstacle to the proper functioning of nature. In the eugenicist fantasy, the earth is saved when people die. In both ideologies (if they really are separate) the ultimate genocide becomes thinkable.

Now the “leaders of the world” are meeting in Copenhagen to decide on the future of your world, of my world, of the world of our children and grandchildren. They are proposing a reorganization of the world economy. Punishing austerity is being urged in all corners. Groups of population control eugenicists are now arguingfor carbon offsets to be used to stop the developing world from having children. The choir of madness is growing by the day and everything seems set to reach an intolerable crescendo.

•Meanwhile, now, shortages are purposely being created in our meat and poultry supply chain, and in other food supply chains as well.

•Around the world, manufacturing arrangements are being put in place by the elites for humans to start replacing meat with bugs and with lab-grown meat as a staple source of protein.

•In Africa, hundreds of children die daily from lack of food and clean drinking water, as well lack of very basic medical equipment, (such as an oxygen valve for a preterm baby.) Yet, Bill Gates “do-gooder” organization, which is supposedly very busy with their “philanthropic work” there, cannot be bothered with these basic needs, and instead focuses on vaccines – for diseases that barely impact those children. They also insist that the governments divert their own healthcare spending away from more important healthcare needs, to the vaccines they sell. This tragic story is covered in detail in the book “The Real Anthony Fauci.”

•The WHO – which is a part of the equally evil United Nations – is making plans to consolidate their control over the world under the guise of public health. They are attempting to take sovereignty away from individual countries by appointing themselves as the ones who will set health policies (and thus, so much more, as we saw with covid lockdowns…) worldwide. They are working to make this legally binding. (The head of the World Health Organization is not a doctor. He is a former member of an Ethiopian terrorist organization.)

We need to unite to call for the disbanding of the UN and the WHO, who cause only harm to the world.

•ALL OVER THE WORLD, there is a huge push FROM THE TOP for teaching “sex education” as young as kindergarten. In many places, laws are now being put in place mandating this “education”, whether parents want it or not. Of course, this will only serve to harm and distract children, loading them with information they are not possibly ready for and do not need.

It WILL, though, serve the purposes of those who conceived of the plan, which is to alienate parents and children from each other, confuse them about their genders and an ever-earlier age, making them more likely candidates for needing “gender reassignment”, and further lowering the rate of marriage and of procreation.

•The Marxist-leaning, transgender-pushing “education” in the schools and universities is an important facet of the long-standing plan to distance our children and ourselves ever further from knowledge of, and connection to our Creator, our source of life.

We all have One G-d, One Creator.

He loves each human being more than a parent lives a child. He wants us to know Him, because connection to Him sustains us. He is involved in every aspect of our lives. He wants our benefit.

The power-manic elites want to rip the world’s population ever further away from Him, our life source, so they can control us ever more.

Our connection to Him poses a direct threat to our following their orders.

Please tell your friends, and ask them to tell others. We need to wake up humanity, my dear brothers and sisters.

We have G-d on our side, and we have numbers, too. If a critical mass will just WAKE UP to the malevolent intentions of the evil power-hungry elites, and stop following their orders, G-d willing, we would be victorious.

Remember, while the wicked ones want us to think that they are in control, they’re only a tiny minority. Their power is really no more than that of a paper tiger. It’s an illusion. We just have to know the truth, be firmly on the side of our Creator, pray to Him alone, and courageously stand up to the evil together.

Please see for ideas to build your spiritual muscle to give you the strength to do this.

Please join the fight for the future of the people of the world.

G-d bless you.


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