How a 13 year old Israeli boy changed an entire village in Africa

by Leah Rosenberg

How can one 13 year old Israeli boy impact an entire village all the way in Africa? This story will leave you in awe of the determination of a child.

Clean Water for a Village in Africa

There are many places in the world without clean water, sadly. Africa is one of those places that has people living with access to only dirty water. Entire villages do not have access to clean drinking water. They travel far distances just to bring the dirty water back home. But for this village in Africa called Sasajila (in Tanzania), that all changed. Thanks to a young 13 year old Israeli boy.

13 Year Old Gives Up Gifts for Africa

13 year old Israeli Lev Ari decided that instead of getting gifts for his Bar Mitzvah which is customary, he would rather raise money for a water project in Africa. At such a young age, he made such a mature decision. It is not easy for children to give up on gifts. But Lev Ari felt that people in Africa needed water. And so, he began to raise money.

He partnered with an organization called Innovation: Africa to provide clean water to Sasajila. The result is amazing. Lev Ari’s decision to give up on his Bar Mitzvah gifts allowed an entire village in Africa to have access to clean water.

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