Hilton Hotel in California hosts a terrorist fundraiser

by Leah Rosenberg

The Hilton Hotel has got to do a reality check. They are supporting terrorism! Hosting an event for terrorist organizations is shocking, to say the least.

Hilton Hotel Hosts CAIR

CAIR is The Council on American–Islamic Relations. If you know what they really do, you won’t have any questions about whether or not they are a terrorist organization. Laura Loomer makes it clear in this video. She gives the facts. Too many Americans are oblivious to the truth. They are uninformed. But it is dangerous to be uninformed in the world we live in. Because then what happens is people like Ilhan Omar get elected to Congress. And hotels like the Hilton Hotel host terrorist fundraisers. This is extremely frightening! If so many Americans sympathize with terrorists now, can you imagine what will be in a few years time?

Defending American Values

Laura Loomer wants to show the world the truth about CAIR, Ilhan Omar, and everything else that people seem to be ignorant about. But as she tries to do that, she is silenced by the other side. No one wants to hear that CAIR supports terrorism. No one wants to listen to the truth about Ilhan Omar and her antisemitism. Are they afraid? They will have a lot more to be afraid of if they ignore the reality. And the reality is that CAIR and Ilhan Omar fight against American values. They associate themselves with terrorist organizations like Hamas. Supporting Hamas is most definitely going against America and American values.

Why does nobody care? Or should we say, CAIR?

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