Hilarious: Israeli TV Mocks US College Students in the Most Spot on Parody

by Phil Schneider

Are the protesting students truly so clueless? Do they have no idea what they are protesting for? The sad answer is that only a small minority of the students are truly clueless about what they are protesting. The leaders and nearly all of the Arabs who are protesting know good and well what they are protesting about and who they are supporting. 

It is much more comforting to think that the student protesters are clueless, and if only they were enlightened and educated, then they would see the light and stop squatting on campus lawns. But the truth is that the students are not protesters at all. They are outright supporters of terror. They are outright supporters of killing Jews, and they are proud of it. They are violent and dangerous. 

This is a new phenomenon for the United States of America. Vietnam protesters may have been a relatively drug-filled group of anti-war protesters. But they did not support the atrocities of the Vietcong. They just thought that American soldiers should not have to give up their lives in order to contain Communism in the Far East. They may have been wrong. They may have been right. They may have been high. But they were by and large not anti-American, and certainly not a fifth column.

Today’s protesters are not burning American flags by mistake. That is what they support. Today’s protesters are largely immigrants themselves from the Middle East or children of immigrants who did not choose America because they support freedom. They chose America because of all of the freebies that Americans receive today and because the dictatorships they left were too dangerous for their Muslim group. But they have brought with them all of their racism, prejudices, and hatred towards Jews – right onto campuses across America. They have now normalized antisemitism on campus all across America. The next step will be to normalize antisemitism all over the towns and cities of America. The parody may be hilarious. But this is no joke.    

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