Hilarious: Elon Musk and Bibi Sit Down for a Talk

by Phil Schneider

Two very different, yet historic personalities of our time are Elon Musk and Benjamin Netanyahu. They do not have alot in common, but they do have a common language, as both are leaders who in their own unique ways are making a massive imprint in the world today.

Elon Musk’s purchase and rebranding of Twitter is an ongoing seismic event in the attempt to restore some level of reasonableness in the world of social media. The level of power and censorship that Facebook, Twitter, and Google have brought to the world literally changed the norms of the Western world in a matter of less than a decade.

Non-governmental bodies became the most powerful transnational institutions. They hold enormous sway over the minds of hundreds of millions of people all over the world, with tremendous ease. All they needed were a few strongly held beliefs of what should be part of the discourse and should not be part of the discourse, and with a few hundred programmers, they were able to largely censor out all effective opposition to their ideals.

No military weapons were needed to revamp the moral codes of an entire generation. Patently absurd ideas like men and women being just 2 of many categories of people became mainstream ideas. Young people today, in the hundreds of millions, think that there indeed are no red lines as far as gender goes. It is no longer safe to walk into a public bathroom almost anywhere in the Western world. The craziness has done much more than destroy female sports. The most basic building block of humanity, the family unit, is under direct threat. The madness is just getting worse, and it affects everyone.

It is all based on lies and a basic rejection of the concepts of good and evil. That is actually what unites the likes of Elon Musk and Netanyahu. They are both not deeply religious people. But they both understand well that there are ideas in the world that are madness and there are ideas in the world that are evil, and both must be fought. One need not be a traitionalist to understand this idea. One simply needs to be normal.

The world does not just descend from bad to worse to horrible. There are boomerangs and returns to tradition. When enough people understand who they have entrusted their minds to via endless hours on social media and media consumption, they will wake up and take their own lives back. The unmasking of the evil behind the censorship movement will shock everyone one day. The return will come – hopefully sooner than later.

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