Hamas Wants This Rap Song Banned from YouTube

by Leah Rosenberg

Who knew you could learn so much about Jewish history in a rap song? Listen to this and you’ll see why Hamas doesn’t want you to listen…

Jewish History Rap Song

All of Jewish history is important to learn. And there are many lessons to take from learning about the history of the Jews. This rap song teaches one lesson that Hamas definitely doesn’t want you knowing. And that is that the Jewish people are eternal. If the world truly realizes that, then Hamas knows that everyone knows they will never win. The enemies of the Jewish people are fighting a futile fight. G-d will never let the Jewish people be eradicated from this world. Hamas is trying to be better than G-d and to defeat G-d. They don’t understand that “no man can stand up against G-d’s hand.” And sadly, too much of the world is siding with Hamas and against the Jewish people. It’s mind-boggling!

But do not despair. This rap song reminds us of our long history and that G-d is on our side. Hamas is not our first enemy. They are just one of the newest on the list. They should learn some history and realize they will be gone just like all the other enemies of the Jewish nation.

This might just seem like a simple rap song. But there is so much profundity in it.

So if as a Jew you are feeling down about what’s happening, remember the lesson of this song. Remember the truth about G-d and His relationship with His people, the Jewish people. Keep praying and keep believing!

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