Hamas continues to hold Israeli with mental health issues captive for 5 years

by Phil Schneider

The Hamas organization has done one horrible deed after another since it began operating. It exists all over the Land of Israel in small and large cells of terrorists. They have one clearly expressed goal – the destruction of Israel. They would rather see the State of Israel eradicated than nearly anything else in this world. That is why they use hospitals and schools in the Gaza Strip to store their weapons and missile launchers. It must be said clearly. These people care little about the value of human life – including the lives of their own families. So even the slightest notion of coming to a peaceful settlement with these people is a ridiculous notion. As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has explained countless times, “There is no partner.”

A Vacuum of Leadership

The Arab moderate voices are rarely heard. That is because it can be a deadly choice to go public with moderate pronouncements about the State of Israel. But, if a person lives in the State of Israel and talks with Arab employees, one will often be surprised to hear that many Arabs actually despise their leaders ore than they despise the State of Israel. Many Arabs are indeed very religious and are indeed very concerned about the essential battle for the Temple Mount. It is the holiest location in the world for the Jewish people and the Arabs claim it is their 3rd holiest location. The status quo is squarely against the Jewish claim, and the Israeli authorities allow the Arab Waqf to basically run the show on the Temple Mount. Arabs tend to not be pro-Israel on this matter.

But on matters of health care, law and order, jobs, and general upward mobility, most Arabs will admit that they have it better in the State of Israel than in neighboring Arab countries. There is simply much less corruption in the State of Israel. The issue is that the Arab leadership within the State of Israel is corrupt and terror infested to it’s very core. The Palestinian Authority uses the tens of millions of humanitarian dollars it receives every month for non-humanitarian causes. There are a few families that horde enormous sums of money and the bulk of the rest goes towards promoting or rewarding terrorist activities. And here is the worst part – they are the “moderates.” The Palestinian Authority is the moderate group. The Hamas is the more radical arm. So, as long as they are in power, Israel has nobody to deal with.

Arab Incitement
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