Guardian Angels step in as NYC officials fail the Jewish community

by Leah Rosenberg

It seems that many are abandoning the Jewish community. Attack after attack and the mayor has done nothing to help. But the Guardian Angels are stepping in!

Incessant Antisemitism

New York City has recently seen a frightening increase in antisemitic attacks. Jews being verbally attacked as well as physically attacked. Jews have been beaten up and stabbed. It is clear that antisemitism is on the rise. Yet NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has done nothing to stop the hate crimes. Why won’t he do something to combat antisemitism and protect the Jewish community? De Blasio along with other officials say they stand in solidarity with Jews, but they are not taking any practical steps to help. At least the Guardian Angels have taken on the responsibility to help!

The Guardian Angels

This group is unbelievable! They are not Jewish, but they are defending the Jewish people in a way that the NYC officials will not. Listening to the founder and CEO of the Guardian Angels Curtis Sliwa speak gives hope that there are good people in the world who care and want to help the Jews. Not everyone is abandoning the Jews. As Sliwa said, “There’s not a Jew amongst these Guardian Angels. They’re all gentiles. But we understand, Jew or Gentile, we’re all in this together. An attack on a Jew is an attack on everyone in this city.” If only the NYC mayor understood that as well.

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