Gender “Inclusion” is Immoral and Worse

by Avi Abelow

I’m horrified and so sad.

I just heard of a synagogue that I once used to consider religious, and daven in periodically, that today allows for anyone to identify as they want use whichever bathroom they want, and pray in whichever section (men or women) they want, depending upon how they “identify”.

I’m always quite clear, that we must love and respect every person despite any differences or disagreements, because we were all created by the one above. However, we must stand up firmly against the agendas that are inherently blasphemous and antithetical to the concept of a creator, in essence, being pushed by an immoral society trying to rid humanity of the concept of a creator.

At its essence, that is the whole purpose of the transgender movement. It allows people to think that man/woman can decide one’s gender; man/woman can decide to change one’s gender, or be on a “spectrum” (which in it of itself is a totally insane and illogical concept, considering even if someone has a sex change, there are still only two options!!!)

If a man/woman can choose one’s gender, then there is no room for the creator.

Hence, the whole transgender movement is a direct attack on the one above, and must be repudiated.

Any religious institution that gives credence to the blasphemous lies of the transgender movement is literally desecrating the name of the one above and choosing to side with an agenda that is out to destroy the concept of the one above as the creator and the one ultimate power in the universe.

That is on top of this religious institution partaking in actual child-abuse, by allowing the children of that community to believe that they can choose their own gender and literally destroy their lives by pursuing immoral medical interventions that will both physically and emotionally harm them for life.

This is our מי לה׳ אלי moment as society.

Who will stand by silently as this blasphemous insanity grows around us allowing this chilul HaShem. And who will choose to stand with HaShem, standing strongly for truth and actual morality.

People mistakenly think that inclusivity is a kiddush Hashem, and I have no ill feelings against any of the well-meaning Jews involved in making the decisions to be inclusive, since they are heavily influenced by the progressive, really regressive, culture of Western society today. overtaken.

However, while respect for all people, regardless of how they identity, is wonderful, a Jewish institution adopting the transgender agenda and accepting as fact that people and children can choose their own gender identity, is a chilul Hashem.

Unfortunately, supporters of that institution’s gender policy might think that my opinion is the chilul Hashem, since I dare to anger the culture of the day, causing anger and tension towards Judaism, religious Judaism etc, with some even claiming “I can’t believe in a G-d that wouldn’t allow for gender inclusion. But, as with most modern issues, that stance is 180 degrees the opposite. Daring to stand up against the immorality of modern Western culture, which has the clear goal of erasing Hashem from our reality, is the Kiddush HaShem.

With it all, we must love and respect every individual, despite their stance on this issue. We just need more people to stand up strongly for HaShem. 

מי לה׳ אלי!!!

The shiur that best delves into this topic, while diving in so much deeper, is this shiur by Rabbi Yonatan Rietti. I highly advise listening to his whole shiur.

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