Game of Thrones Jerusalem style!

by Leah Rosenberg

Game of Thrones theme at the Tower of David? Yes! Check out what this a cappella group did in Jerusalem! You’ll definitely be entertained.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a popular TV show. It is a fantasy drama that is DEFINITELY filled with lots of drama. Two families fighting for the throne. A medieval time period feeling. All the good stuff! Whether you know the show or not, this a cappella music video is well done. The costumes, the voices, and the scenery at the Tower of David all make it enjoyable to watch.

Everything is better in Jerusalem – including Game of Thrones!


It is not surprising that a musical group would do something like this in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is popular to many different cultures and faiths. It is “the place to be,” as they say.

If you have not been to Jerusalem before, make sure it is on your list of cities to visit. You won’t regret feeling the spirituality, experiencing the rich history, and seeing the beautiful scenery. The city is called Jerusalem of Gold – and not for no reason. So whether it is Game of Thrones Jerusalem style or anything else “Jerusalem style,” it is bound to be great.

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