Full Blown Jew-Hatred at York University

by Avi Abelow

York University was supposed to have a peaceful event with IDF reserve soldiers coming to speak to interested students. The video shows what happened instead. This is a new reality, and it’s only getting worse each day. So sad.

The organization “Reservists on Duty“, IDF reserve soldiers who go around the world telling the truth about serving in the IDF, were invited by Lauren Isaacs of Herut Canada to York University last week to speak. They were “welcomed” by hundreds of anti-Israel activists who tried to disrupt the event and they even assaulted a few Jewish students.

Is this what freedom of speech looks like in Canada nowadays?
Share this video so maybe York University will finally address this problem.

“Intifada, Intifada, go back to the ovens,” were what Jewish and pro-Israel students had to endure on Wednesday night during a pro-Palestinian protest against a Reservist’s on Duty event at York University. – Tweeted by Adam Milstein. This is blatant Jew-hatred.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that the normalization of anti-Israel attitudes on campuses is leading to more violence.

Organizer Lauren Isaacs of York University made the following post after the event:

Thank you to the Reservists On Duty for an amazing event promoting free speech, Zionism, dialogue, and Jewish pride. Herut Canada was proud to host these heroes on campus!!! Our event was successful in spite of the virulent, hate-filled, Antisemitic protests. We will continue to be Zionists and engage in pro-Israel events on campus (even though violent Palestinian groups such as Students Against Israeli Apartheid at York University – SAIA York and groups like Hillel Ontario attempt to shut our events down). AM YISRAEL CHAI!!!! 🇮🇱❤️🇮🇱❤️

I again want to thank everyone who made our Herut event at York U possible!

From what I have read, NONE of the major Jewish organizations partnered with Herut Canada to sponsor the event, yet in all their follow-up press releases they all took credit.

Lauren has done more to stand up for Israel and the Jewish students at York University then all the Canadian Jewish organizations combined. Herut has NO funding, yet all the major organizations have all the funding. That is the state of the Jewish organizational world today. It is us little guys with no budget doing most of the work standing up with the truth to help protect Israel and the Jews from the growing antisemitism that is masked as anti-Zionism. Unfortunately, most of the major organizations prefer to ignore that basic fact, hence endangering Jews by doing nothing substantial that actually deals with the core problem!

Finally, Attention to the Growing Antisemitism

Even a Syrian refugee who now lives in Canada was shocked at the antisemitism at the event. You can read his article here.

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