From Democrats to Republicans: How it all happened

by Leah Rosenberg

Some Democrats have recently felt that their party has changed. They have made the switch to becoming Republicans. Here is why.

Democrats to Republicans

This video shows just four of many stories of people who became Republicans. These four, Jill Weinstein, Cantor Sagee Goldenholz, Jean Walles, and Steve “Bubba” Cohen, are all Jewish. And as Jews, many grew up believing that they had to be a part of the Democratic Party. They were taught that Republicans were bad. But then some people realized otherwise. Maybe things are not so black and white.

For each of these four people telling their stories, it was something similar that brought them to make a life change they never thought they would. And former president Barak Obama had something to do with it.

President Trump

These somewhat new Republicans discussed how much they appreciate President Trump. As Jews, they understand how pro-Israel and pro-Jewish he is. His accomplishments for Israel and America are unprecedented. Weinstein, Goldenholz, Walles, and Cohen know that and are proud of their president. These are real people with real stories that must be shared. People must know the truth and hear from people who have been on BOTH sides of the political spectrum.

Cohen ended his speech with the following: “Thank you President Trump for making me proud to be a Republican. Thank you President Trump for making me proud to be a Jew. And yes, like most of the people in this room, thank you President Trump for ‘Making America Great Again.'”

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