First Ever “Anglo-Israeli Empowerment Conference” in Jerusalem – Free admission!

by Avi Abelow

Keynote Speaker

As the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce – Israel branch’s “Anglo-Israeli Empowerment Conference” approaches, Dr. Erel Margalit has been added to the event’s star-studded list of presenters and resources. The conference will take place on Wednesday, March 7th, at the Jerusalem Gardens Hotel. It is the first of its kind and geared towards business owners, entrepreneurs, investors and job seekers across the spectrum of the Anglo-Israeli business world.

At the Jerusalem Gardens Hotel on March 7th from 9:30AM-2:00PM

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Dr. Margalit founded the famed “Jerusalem Venture Partners” firm. It raised over $1.1 billion in investment capital and spearheaded some of the most successful business ventures in Israel, the United States and Europe. Dr. Margalit is among the only non-Americans to have made Forbes’s vaunted “Midas (The Golden Touch) List.”

Other Presenters

Other VIP presenters at the conference include Marc Zell of Republican Overseas Israel; Patent Attorney Eviatar Aron; CPA Judah Fish; Marketing Guru Guy Gordon; Business Coach Nathalie Garson; Author Nachum Kligman; and Social Media Wiz Avi Abelow. These and other presenters will address a wide range of pertinent issues for the contemporary business. Particularly businesses in the Anglo-Israeli sphere. There are myriad unique complexities related to this sector.  Particularly those who reside and/or do business in more than one country – such as taxes, regulations and marketing. Having the proper knowledge and guidance in these areas can make the difference between success and failure.


In addition, there will be a host of innovative businesses and business services exhibiting at the conference, and attendees will have the opportunity to network with like–minded individuals in an optimal setting. Business consultants, financial services providers, shared office space venues and other vital resources will exhibit, as will accelerator venture capital programs and other resources that empower business to get off the ground and/or expand. Female attendees will appreciate the insightful presentations and discussions related to “Women in the Workforce,” particularly as it relates to Anglo-Israeli society.

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The conference is set up to encourage face to face networking and speed networking, both Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce hallmarks that have proven to be uniquely effective tools to forge relationships with clients, investors and associates. The event will also feature a job fair, where business owners can meet-and-greet potential employees, and vice versa.

Opportunities for Anglos in Israel

“The Anglo-American business world is filled with so much opportunity, especially in the interconnected global economy of today,” says Duvi Honig, Founder and CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce. “Our mission is to empower this sector to the maximum and we look forward to providing many additional resources to accomplish that.”

Despite the five-star nature of this event, there is no charge to attend and exhibition space is available at affordable rates.

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Reb Issamar Ginzberg Speaking at the OJC Israel Launch

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