Finding That Inspiration And Connecting With God

by Phil Schneider

Connection to G-d comes through three directions. Creation. Revelation. And Redemption. So explains Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. This powerful animation is so truly inspiring.

G-d can be seen through creation, every day of the world. Not only during the first seven days of creation. But every day, G-d renews the creation.

But, the richness of the Revelation that first happened thousands of years ago, also continues to this very day.

As far as Redemption, that is perhaps where the big challenge to us occurs. That is where we come in and partner with G-d to also create and also reveal G-d’s majesty and involvement in perfecting the world we live in.

How beautiful is the statement that Rabbi Sacks ends off this inspiring short video with – “G-d is always there if we know where to look.” Keep our eyes open and attuned. G-dliness is everywhere for us to attach ourselves to. How true. How inspiring.

Col. Kemp

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