Financial Expert on COVID, Vaccine Passports & the Global Financial Collapse

by Avi Abelow

Ed Dowd discusses COVID and the Global Financial Collapse: A Tale of Catastrophes and Cover-Ups.

Was Covid-19 used as an excuse to cover-up to hide policy makers corruption & cover-up a global debt collapse?

Is a system of control being put into place under the cover of medial tyranny?

Ed Down answers yes to both of those questions and explains why in teh video above.

Dowd was a former financial manager at Black Rock, one of the largest financial institutions in the world that owns shares in almost every major company in every major industry in the market.

“A lot of us in the financial world have been wondering when the debt bubble that [has been] blowing glass the past several years is going to endAnd when it ends, it’s not going to be pretty, and so, when I saw COVID go down, and I knew there was a debt bubble that had to end eventually, I said…we can speculate whether [SARS-CoV-2] was released on purpose or a convenient excuse, but I was able to come up with my pinned tweets [the “dystopian movie” tweets because if I wanted to cover up the debt crisis, I would do exactly what I said in my pinned tweets. I thought like a criminal and it wasn’t that hard to come up with [medical tyranny] because if you’re going to have a debt crisis and the pensions can’t get paid and the social contract is already broken—most people don’t know that yet—you’re going to have to have a system in place to control the riots, limit travel, control bank accounts, and here we are… .”

Dowd’s Tweet Thread in May 2020

Dowd’s account was censored by Twitter but his famous tweet thread from May 2020, which caused many to call him a conspiracy theorist at the time, all came true, and the screenshots have been preserved.

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