Female Israeli Druze TV anchor shows the world why Israel is not an apartheid state

by Leah Rosenberg

Meet the female Israeli Druze TV anchor who has her dream job. She was able to become a TV anchor because Israel is not an apartheid state!

Is Israel an Apartheid State?

When you google “apartheid,” the definition that comes up is: “A policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race. Segregation on grounds other than race.” It specifically refers to the time period in South Africa where blacks were completely discriminated against. Ask someone like Olga Meshoe. She will tell you Israel is not an apartheid state. And SHE knows. Israel is far from that definition! They give full rights to every nation, race, culture, and person. They do not discriminate just because someone is not Jewish. Just take a walk in the center of town in Jerusalem. Or step on a bus. You are sure to see a Muslim next to a Jew next to a Christian standing peacefully side by side.

It still is shocking that people truly believe Israel is an apartheid state. Especially when people like Gadeer Kamal Mreeh can become what she is today.

Female Israeli Druze TV Anchor

Gadeer Kamal Mreeh is an Israeli Druze. It is not common for women like her to become TV anchors. She grew up in a Druze village where women do not follow a path like this. She is the FIRST female Israeli Druze TV anchor. Not every member of her Druze village likes that she’s a woman and is such a public figure. But her parents and husband fully support her. And she is showing the rest of her community what she can do!

Gadeer Kamal Mreeh loves what she does. It was her dream since she was a child broadcasting the news in front of a mirror. She worked hard to get where she is today. And she is definitely proving to the world what she is capable of.

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