Father of fallen soldier mourns the horrific verdict of the Israeli Supreme Court

by Phil Schneider

There is a solution that works when coming to deterring terrorists in the future. The answer is to destroy a home of a terrorist who kills a person. This has been proven again and again by the leaders of Israel’s secret service. How does this work? The best informers on terrorists before the terror acts are committed are the family members. But that only happens when there is an actual threat that their house will be destroyed if there child goes ahead and destroys the life of a Jewish family in the State of Israel.

Fighting terror is a complex subject. Those who are concerned of a cycle of terror whenever there is retaliation are indeed correct in noting that sometimes it is not best to retaliate immediately. Sometimes it is better to play your cards a month or two afterwards. However, those who let their feelings impede on clarity of mind in fighting terror are more dangerous. Judges need to not only be honest and wise. They need to be able to put aside the feelings of those involved in order to focus on the things that are most necessary. The elderly parents of a terrorist are indeed people who did not commit a crime. They did not necessarily educate and inspire their children to hate and destroy. But, the lives of people are at stake. Every decision to not inflict a punishment in order to deter future terrorists is a decision to allow more terrorists to act.

Judges make mistakes. Judges have opinions just like any other politician. That is why judges should be elected. The Israeli judicial system is largely a self-appointing group of judges who have made sure over the last few decades to reappoint people with similar opinions. Their goal is to keep a radical progressive opinion as the dominant one. The Prime Minister has very little power against the judges. Actually, the judges have more power over the Prime Minister in many ways. That is one of the major drawbacks of the Israeli political system. The lack of checks and balances with the judiciary is sorely felt when every major issue arises. This is probably the most important aspect of the structure of the Israeli political system that needs to be fixed.

Motivation for Terror
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