Famous Israeli Actress Said Something About Israel That Enraged the Left

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli actress Gal Gadot gave a short, and yet beautiful speech here. Why was it so great? And why would it make the Left angry?

This Israeli Actress Knows That Israel is the Jewish Homeland

Many on the Left don’t want to admit the truth about Israel. They try to erase the “Jewish” aspect of the Jewish homeland. They don’t want you to think of Israel as what it really is. And that’s why it’s so important that famous Israeli actress Gal Gadot said in her speech how Israel is the JEWISH homeland. Of course, Gadot said other important things as well. But if she were to say her other points without saying that Israel is the Jewish homeland, then her speech would mean nothing. Israel, its Jewish identity, and the Jewish people go hand in hand.

The fact that Gal lives in America right now did not make her forget the fact that Israel is the Jewish state for the Jewish people. Her heart is there, as she said. She knows where she belongs and to which people she belongs.

Gadot is a public figure. People know who she is. She could have shied away from calling Israel the Jewish homeland. But that would have been wrong. That point that she made in her speech is not something small. That point made all the difference.

Some people are trying to turn Israel into something it’s not. You can’t rid Israel of its identity. And it’s time the far-Left stopped trying to do so. Thank you Gal Gadot for fighting against this immoral trend.

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