Is the radical Muslim “minority” really small?

by Phil Schneider

The minority is not exactly a fringe. When you hear these statistics, you should cringe. Indeed, the Muslim minority around the world is indeed not a very Westernized minority. However, the one glaring statistic presented is in the United States of America. Thank God, the melting pot of the United States of America is the most successful country at bringing Muslims to assimilate into it’s midst. Most other countries are clueless about this. But does that mean that there is no issue in the United States of America?

Dangerous Minorities

One of the most important lessons to learn about World War II is that dangerous minorities need to be of major concern to all western democracies. The Weimar Republic in post World War I Germany was not exactly a bastion of democracy, but it did make the bulk of it’s decisions democratically. But, a small fringe that went from representing less than 10% of the population began to become popular with it’s messaging when it learned how to tune it’s rhetoric against the eternal scapegoat, the Jewish people, and raise up the hopes of German pride to a poor and suffering post-War Germany.

The Muslim minority in various countries in Europe is now similar to the radical German minority in post World War I. They have the explosive capability of taking over a country and radicalizing it overnight. A perfect example of this is Iran in 1979. Iran used to be a western-oriented modern country with a corrupt leadership. But a minority seized power in a coup in 1979 and has held onto power since. This has radically transformed the Middle East since. This is what we have to expect in Europe in the coming decades. Perhaps it will happen first in Sweden, or in Germany, or France. Will it happen in the United States? Odds are that it will first occur in a state that allows many sanctuary cities. If this becomes the norm in a specific State, that State may very well elect a Governor the likes of Rashida Tlaib or Ilhan Omar. The result will probably mass migration from the State by non-minorities and a soaring crime rate. But if assimilation continues in the United States the way it has been in previous waves of immigration, then the trends will not impact the United States like it has impacted Europe.

Arab Incitement
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