Facebook Has Shut Him Up, But Nothing Will Shut Up This Proud Australian Jew

by Avi Abelow

Awesome no holds barred, one-on-one shmooze, with Australia’s viral video sensation, a fighter for truth, Avi Yemini! Facebook shut him down multiple times, but they can’t shut him up.

Avi Yemimi has been shut down by Facebook multiple times. He had videos go seriously viral with the truth about the dangers the freedom loving world face from the world of jihadi Islam. His FB pages have reached hundreds of thousands of followers, only to be shut down by Facebook one page at a time.

Today you can find Avi Yemini on Twitter, Youtube and on Instagram. Definitely follow him.

Shut Down Again by FB

This is the activism FB is trying to shut up. While one may agree or disagree with with his views, yet freedom of speech should still allow him to have his voice heard. Yemini does not threaten anybody. He is just trying to stand up for what he beleives is true, and show the hypocrisy of those in the mainstream media.

Not everyone has the confidence or the guts to put their name, face and reputation on the line to stand up for what they believe is true. Especially when it is calling out the evil that exists in jihadi Islam that is a threat to all of us. Yemini is such a guy and instead of shutting him down, the liberal, progressive world should be grateful for his voice, because they are just as threatened as the rest of us and it is voices like Yemini’s that will help protect us all.

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