Exposed on Live TV: UN Says “Hamas is not a Terror Group”

by Phil Schneider

Hamas is the valid representative of the people of Gaza. They were actually elected by the masses soon after Israel handed the area over to the Arabs in order for the Arabs to manage Gaza on their own. Well, now the UN has actually taken the clear-as-day step to declare clearly that “Hamas is not a terror group. It is a political movement.” It’s 100% official. The UN is a morally bankrupt entity that stands squarely on the side of rapists, Jew killers, and baby killers. 

Can seemingly respectable people have such imbecile opinions or be so clueless to actually declare that Hamas is NOT a terrorist group? Note: They are not criticizing Israel for hitting back too hard or for being disproportionate. That would be at least a somewhat plausible lie that would have some logic to base the argument.

They are arguing that the October 7th mass killing rampage of 3,000+Jews that lived near and around the Gaza Strip, most of whom were peace-loving leftist Jews who supported every effort of joint existence, was not an expression of a terrorist movement.

There are two options. Either the UN representatives are so idiotic that they should not be trusted to have any form of ability to judge reasonably, or they are vicious anti-Jew haters. Whatever the case is, the UN needs to be defunded and completely rebuilt from the ground up with a completely new staff. Otherwise, it should be considered devoid of any moral standing due to the cesspool of moral turpitude that runs rampant inside of its chambers. 

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