Exclusive: Testimony from a midwife’s office – grave harms seen from covid vax

by Brucha Weisberger


A staff member at the midwifery practice that my friend uses (in the tristate area) related to her some of the covid-vaccine related horrors that they are seeing.

• Previously, approximately 1 in 24 patients would have low platelets. Now, 1 in 4 patients have low platelets.

• They have been seeing “tons of 2nd and 3rd trimester fetal loss”, and tons of “messed up placentas.

• One of the two midwives who was pushing the shot (the others weren’t) had her own personal covid vaccine adverse event which she won’t admit is linked. She had a mammogram that was perfect, then she got the shot. Four months later, she had cancer in three places.

• The staff member (obviously one of the awake ones in the practice) who was talking to my friend related that her friend’s mother, who got vaxxed, now needs a shot every week to raise her platelets. (They were so low that at first, the doctors thought she had cancer.)

• This midwifery office was demanding boosters for their staff, but then they saw that everyone who got the booster got sick, so they stopped demanding them.

Yes, I too wish that the staff who are aware would come out and say all this publicly. Unfortunately they didn’t, but at least I can pass on this private chat my friend had, with identifying details about the practice removed.

The part about the placentas being “messed up” correlates with what we know from OB-GYN Dr. James Thorp.

And the documentation of fetal loss has poured in from all over the place. So no real surprises here, (except the low platelet problem, which I never knew was so widespread), just more confirmation of the mass tragedy we know of already.

If you haven’t seen the following yet, it’s a very interesting admission (and this guy has been confirmed to work for Pfizer.)

“There is something irregular about their menstrual cycles…concerning…The vaccine shouldn’t be interfering with that…It has to be affecting something hormonal…”

Really makes me sad about all the women who were fooled into getting the shots by false assurances that the “average of one day of extra bleeding post in the post vax cycle” was absolutely nothing to worry about and possibly just because of stress.

Even the Pfizer guy doesn’t buy that.

May G-d have mercy on all those who were hoodwinked and who are now suffering, and heal them quickly.

Originally published on truth613.substack.com

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