EU Parliament hears a rare pro-Israel speech

by Avi Abelow

How often does the EU Parliament hear a pro-Israel speech? This is why MEP Lukas Mendl’s speech is very important.

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Who says there are no pro-Israel MEPs in the European Union? Here is one from Austria! When is the last time we heard such straight logic from any English, French or German MEP in the EU? Any they are supposed to be friends and allies of Israel!

“We are talking about the only Jewish state on this planet, and we are talking about the ancient home of the Jewish people. Who are we, at the European Parliament, to judge any Jew who settles there?” MEP Lukas Mandl from Austria at @Europarl_EN.


This speech by Lukas Mandl is a sign of the changing tone within the EU. Of course EU MPs have little ability to affect policy changes in Brussels, where unelected bureaucrats control policy, Mandl is part of a growing group of pro-Israel MPs in the EU.

His stance is also indicative of the growing divide between Western and Eastern EU countries. While Austria is usually considered Central Europe, it gravitates to the Eastern part of the EU block on things like sovereignty, economy, and conservatism. Recently, it has been an outspoken supporter of Israel, as Sebastian Kurz Austria’s youngest ever Chancellor made cooperating with Israel a priority.

Despite Kurz’s loss at the helm of the government, Austria continues to be favorable to Israel.

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